Victoria Fu

Victoria Fu’s atmospheric films explore parallel realities and non-linear temporalities, nodding to science fiction films of the past and cinema of the 1960s and 70s more broadly. Shot at Arcosanti, the failed experimental town in the desert of Arizona, Portmanteau shows a lone figure wandering the abandoned spaces of a former utopia. The palpable melancholy of the vast, unfinished project finds a correlate in Fu’s use of 16mm film, a technology left over, like a relic, from the analogue era. The title of the film is derived from the definition of “portmanteau,” coined by Lewis Carroll to mean a word concocted by fusing two different words. Fu’s dual-screen format suggests the fusing of two different worlds and timelines, opening up time and space to their alternates.
Video, color with sound
7:05 min. on loop
Courtesy of the artist and Honor Fraser Gallery
black and white 16mm film projection
3 min. 45 sec. loop
Courtesy the artist. © Victoria Fu. Photo credit: Stewart Clements