Ryan McGinness

acrylic on wood panel
24 x 24 in
Courtesy of the artist and Quint Contemporary Art
acrylic on canvas
96 x 96 in
Museum purchase, International and Contemporary Collectors Funds

Ryan McGinness communicates complex and poetic concepts through an amalgam of icons and symbols. Using a very graphic visual vocabulary, McGinness creates a social commentary on the use of language as well as on historical and contemporary symbolism in marketing and mass culture.

He has, in turn, incorporated his symbols into designs for mass-produced goods such as T-shirts, skateboards, and soccer balls. Residing somewhere between abstraction and representation, his graphic drawings and personal iconography are replicated and recontextualized throughout his densely-layered paintings.

McGinness is interested in our innate desire to make sense of chaos and give meaning to seemingly abstract forms.