Teen Advisory Group

MCASD invites teens to connect with the Museum, contemporary art, and various social issues through the Teen Advisory Group (TAG).
TAG is at the core of the Museum's teen programming and engages a diverse group of teens from across San Diego County. Teens learn about the Museum as a site of citizen participation, education, and exploration of social issues through the lens of contemporary art.
This diverse group of teens will meet with museum professionals, local artists, and organizations to discuss art and investigate artworks and exhibitions, inspiring them to imagine, develop, and make art designed to reach their peers and a wider Museum audience. TAG participants learn to create multi-disciplinary work as they envision and eventually developed a public exhibition of their artwork.
Art & Activism-It's Your Voice
Under the guidance and mentorship of MCASD staff, artists, and educators, TAG members will delve into the topic of Art & Activism, exploring ways artists have used art in protest and social justice movements, and youth can too. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with local community artists, collectives, organizations, and other youth.
This program is an academic-year-long. This year TAG goes digital and will be meeting two times a month via Zoom and using Google Classroom: on the first and third Tuesday from 5:00-7:30 PM, beginning October 20 through June 2020.
New application due date: Wednesday, October 14.
TAG will look deeper into the prominent issues of our times, and how artists have used art in protest and social justice movements. It is undebatable that our world is changing and it is the current youth who will live out the consequences of humanity’s impact on our society. How do we work together to not only create awareness but to transform our communal practices for an empathetic future. What role does/can art have in these urgent and dynamic changes? 


Applications for the 2020-2021 year are now open.

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Due October 14.

To find out more about the Teen Advisory Group, contact the Education Department email education@mcasd.org.