Teen Advisory Group


The Teen Advisory Group (TAG) engages a diverse group of teens representing high schools from across San Diego County. TAG utilizes the Museum as a site of citizen participation, education, and exploration of social issues through the lens of contemporary art. From meeting with local artists and organizations, to discussing art in the galleries, TAG members gain insight into the art world that helps them imagine, develop, and realize projects designed to reach a wider Museum audience. TAG participants learn to create multi-disciplinary work as they create, program, and eventually mount a public exhibition of their artwork in the Museum.


Under the mentorship of MCASD’s Education and Engagement Director, Cris Scorza; Education Manager, Mario Mesquita; and Gallery Educators; TAG members will explore Food Justice as the focus of their artistic practice, ranging from science, race, politics and history, as well as class structure and economy. Participants will collaborate with local community artists, collectives, organizations, and other youth throughout the 2017/2018 academic school year.


TAG meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month from 5 to 7 PM from September through June at our downtown location for approximately 16 sessions. Participants travel to local sites of engagement which may include neighboring Tijuana, Mexico, for a day-long or weekend cultural exchange.


Selected students will be notified of acceptance by September 12.

To find out more about teen programs at MCASD, contact the Education Department at (858) 454-3541 ext 318 or education@mcasd.org



Complete the following four-part MCASD Teen Advisory Group online application. Please keep in mind that you will need to provide a letter of recommendation,  e-mailed separately from the person who is recommending you, to education@mcasd.org.


You will also need to create a Tumblr page as part of your application, which you can access at www.tumblr.com. You will need an email to open an account if you don't yet have one.

Create a Tumblr page that tells us more about you and your interests. This can include photographs, text, or other media that inspire you, or showcase your own work. This space is yours – be creative with your submission! Make sure to include a link at the end of the application.

Applications are still open-Apply today!
Incomplete will not be considered. Both you and your Parent/Guardian will receive a confirmation via e-mail once your application has been selected for an interview. Select candidates will be contacted for interviews between September 2nd, 2017 to September 12th, 2017, between 3:30–7:00 PM.


Applications are now closed for the 2017-2018 Teen Advisory Group.

Make sure to check out this year's culminating Showcase in June and be ready to apply over the summer of 2018!