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Rita McBride: Public Tilt

Friday, Oct 10, 2014 to Sunday, Feb 08, 2015

Rita McBride: Public Tilt features three installations by the artist whose work engages the tropes of architectural design, modernist sculpture, and public space. Installed in the expansive volumes of MCASD’s downtown location, Public Tilt, will include the west coast debut of McBride’s celebrated modular construction, Arena. When assembled, Arena forms a massive tiered stadium-like structure, which will be programmed with activities throughout the course of the exhibition. The sculpture’s space, both the bleacher-like seating and the implied stage, is activated by the public, who climbs, gathers, views, and meets. If Arena’s arcing design provides a welcoming embrace, then National Chain offers a halting counterpoint. Here, a grid of metallic units, a “dropped ceiling,” is suspended from the rafters. The seemingly fallen plane creates a kind of architectural tide line, which rests at torso-height creating an obstructive horizon. McBride’s consideration of architecture, art, and forms of display, continues in her revised presentation of the rattan sculpture, Toyota, which will be presented, exposed, on a newly designed angled pedestal. Rita McBride (Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.) lives and works between Dusseldorf, Germany, and Los Angeles, California. She studied at Bard College, New York, and received an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. Since 2003 she has been a professor at The Kunstakademie, Dusseldorf, where she was recently appointed Director.

Rita McBride: Public Tilt is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and made possible by generous lead underwriting support from Brenda Potter, as well as proceeds from the 2014 Biennial Art Auction. Institutional Support for MCASD is provided, in part, by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture.