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MIX: Nine San Diego Architects and Designers

Friday, May 22, 2009 to Monday, Sep 07, 2009

MIX: Nine San Diego Architects and Designers presents the work of nine architects and designers who lead local architectural design firms that are redefining housing design, development, and urbanization in the San Diego region and beyond. estudio teddy cruz, LUCE et studio architects, Sebastián Mariscal, Public (James Brown and James Gates), Rinehart Herbst (Todd Rinehart and Catherine Herbst), Lloyd Russell, and Jonathan Segal, are representative of a generation of architects and designers who have pursued sophisticated design forms aligned with a critical understanding of the economic and social context of our region. Together their practices are garnering national and international attention, and this exhibition will be an opportunity to view their work as a group.

The architects and designers featured in MIX are known for their expertise and experience in designing and building spaces appropriate to a location. For this reason, each architect, designer, and architectural firm will be defining their own representation for the exhibition, with new site-specific presentations of their own design.

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