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Thursday, Feb 15, 2018-Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
Border wall prototypes
Collective Magpie
Border wall prototypes
2017. produced as part of Transnational Seminar II, an MCASD Millennial Engagement project funded by a James Irvine Exploring Engagement grant.
This exhibition features work produced during Transnational Seminar II, an experimental class designed by Collective Magpie with local college students from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Tijuana (UABC) and University of California San Diego. 
Rooted in Paulo Freire's critical pedagogy and theories of Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed, Collective Magpie developed a conceptual framework for their participants to address present border issues.
The exhibition showcases props used during a series of performances that took place in December along Avenida Revolución in Tijuana, Mexico, as well as in Balboa Park and at MCASD’s downtown location.
US Prototype Border Wall Beauty Pageant [Certamen de belleza de los prototipos del muro fronterizo], organized by Valeria Bueno, addressed passersby while modeling border wall prototypes in a tongue-and-cheek pageant. The critical and satirical skit Anything to Declare? [¿Algo que declarar?] led by Valeria Ortega and Jenna June recalled the everyday, yet grueling, experience of being questioned by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers. The short contest, How Privileged are You? [¿Qué tan privilegiado eres?] invited pedestrians to respond to questions about their privileges printed in bilingual speech bubbles on cardboard signs. Finally, Border Pressure [Presión Fronteriza], presented a powerful monologue addressing the discrimination and alienation faced by many in today's America.
This exhibition is part of MCASD’s Millennial Engagement initiative, supported by a two-year Exploring Engagement grant from the James Irvine Foundation.