Made by X: Sibyl Rubottom

Artwork by Sibyl Rubottom

Saturday, Jun 05, 2021 - 2:00 PM

Join Sibyl Rubottom, master printer and manager of the Print Studio at the Athenaeum Art Center (AAC) in Logan Heights, for a virtual tour of the Print Studio. She will show the several presses here that permit different types of printmaking and explain some of the basics of each kind: relief, intaglio, and letterpress. Following the tour, she will lead a printing workshop, learn how to make your monoprint images at home without a press. We will explore a few accessible forms of mono-printing using everyday materials.

As we celebrate female printmakers' artistic practice in the exhibition Experiments on Stone: Four Women Artists from the Tamarind Lithography Workshop, we want to highlight female printmakers' work in our community. For over 25 years, Sibyl made fabric art for the interior design trade. She is the former proprietor of Bay Park Press, a small fine arts press specializing in limited edition artists’ books and fine intaglio prints. Sibyl is currently the manager of the Print Studio at the Athenaeum Art Center. Her books belong in numerous collections, including the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, John Hay Library at Brown University, Sterling Library at Yale University, Geisel Library (Mandeville Special Collections) at UCSD, the Malcolm A. Love Library at SDSU, and various public and private collections.

The program is geared to adult and young adult audiences ages 14 and Up. 

Supplies to be gathered beforehand:

  • Two-three medium-sized fresh potatoes
  • A small beet, cabbage, pepper
  • Animal Crackers! Or rolls, to slice in half !Objects like a large metal washer [like 2” or more diameter] Look around for things that might be fun to use as a design to print with.
  • A pad of printmaking paper [Strathmore or similar] Speedball Block Printing ink, 2-3 colors of your choice Speedball Screen Printing ink, if you want to print on fabric
  • Sharp paring knife, Exacto knife or utility cutter [ideally with a new blade]
  • Some pieces of cardboard [scraps from parcels]
  • String or twine to use for wrapping
  • A piece of Plexiglas or glass [no sharp edges]
  • Styrofoam [from food packaging]
  • Cookie sheet or plastic tray, to roll ink on
  • Brayer [a rubber roller with a handle] (Optional)
  • Brushes: Foam brush, various sizes Brushes, various sizes (Optional)