Deep Time University: Intersession

Thursday, Aug 31, 2017-Thursday, Nov 02, 2017

Thursday nights > 5-8 PM

Have you ever wondered: What should the University teach me? What do I want to learn? What do I need to know for the future? Deep Time University: Intersession is your chance to find out.

Created by artist Michael Ano, DTU is a series of 10 weekly three-hour seminars that include lectures, screenings, and conversations held in the Museum's galleries and community spaces.

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Kim Zumpfe and Meitel Yaniv

us in precarity; words against reason

This is an experimental workshop constructed to address and foster counter strategies in writing and using words, particularly in relation to the idea of precarity. We will address writing’s relation to thinking together and experiment with ways for dealing with how power works in emotional lives. This workshop will include a group discussion about finding alternate forms and practices in writing, a free-writing session, and a group exercise in reading that includes finding ways to keep each other from falling when on precarious foundations. A final group activity will be structured around the question, “What should we do next?"



Lawrence Chit

Waiting for the YA Drop: Complaining in the Jerkbooth

"Has anyone received their orders yet?"/ "[blank] does not belong in Hardcore"/ "Lol those are vintage cases good luck/ "POISONOUS BLACK METAL"

A few of the posts left on the elitist, eclectic, partisan Jerkbooth that acts as one of many informative mills in the scene of underground extreme music. This pool of trash talk and gold will be performed to the fullest extent.

Claudia Cano

Bordados and memories

Embroidery is a form of resistance. In a contemporary time where the notion of art has to do with commercial value and conceptual art, embroidery makes us reflect. The need to penetrate into non-conscious memory is to consider how we present a memory in non-verbal language to create a presence in a multicultural style. 

For a couple of hours visitors will learn the importance of embroidery as artifacts of culture and resistance. To be part of the workshop there is no need to know how to embroider. The main objective of the process will be sharing space and time, and perhaps a warm conversation about art and the ethnography of embroidery.



Sarita Doughtery

Deep Decolonization: (Re)mapping worldviews for self & planet

Participants will join in a discussion around naming/unpacking of white supremacy culture's imprint on body, mind, and institution before walking to a nearby park to ground through breath, nature, and group movement. Finally, we will map renewed visions of connectivity for body, mind and spirit with the city and earth.



Jennifer Moon

Boot Camp for Revolutionaries: Befriending Trauma

Using the two principles of The Revolution, abundance and expansiveness, and an understanding of the 5% universe, we will explore trauma through love in order to transform trauma into a connective force for revolution.

Jennifer Moon is the custodian of The Revolution. The Revolution is a way of being within the unfaltering framework of unadulterated love, committed to creating realities beyond binaries, hierarchies, and capital. For more information on The Revolution, visit and click on The Revolution.



Facilitated dialogue on race relations

Karla Diaz / Mario Ybarra/ Slanguage



Michael Trigilio

Radical Empathy- opera workshop

Michael Trigilio will discuss collaboration as a practical hands-on tactic that allows makers from a range of backgrounds and disciplines to find common cause putting their hands/minds into production. In collaboration we stop being “first” or “right” and start encountering each other in an activation of empathy. Attendees will participate in an experiential collaborative project connected to memory and radical ideation.



Simon Leung

Into a third decade of Squatting: a reflection on theory and method

In the early 1990s Simon Leung began to develop, in his writing and artwork, a use of the squatting body as a heuristic cipher through which he pictured and theorized power. An early synthetic articulation of his thinking on squatting was published as “Squatting Through Violence” in the journal Documents in 1995. For this seminar, Leung will revisit this text and will give a presentation of six squatting projects he’s undertaken in Berlin, New York, Chicago, Vienna, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. This session will both lay out a sequence of art projects as a discourse on an artist’s method over the course of a three-decade engagement with theory within the art context.

Simon Leung is Professor and Associate Chair of Graduate Studies in the Department of Art. His work has been presented at the Venice Biennale, the Guangzhou Triennial, and the Whitney Biennial. His projects include an opera set in Griffith Park; a live/video performance addressing AIDS in the figure of the glory hole; a trilogy on “the residual space of the Vietnam War;” an extended proposal of Duchamp’s oeuvre as a discourse in ethics; a meditation on the Smithsonian site/non-site dialectic by way of Edgar Allan Poe; “art workers’ theater” addressing contemporary art and labor; and a twenty-year plus collaboration with the writer and translator Warren Niesłuchowski. His recent curatorial work include “Ours is a City of Writers,” at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery and “You may add or subtract from the work: On the work of Christopher D’Arcangelo and Michael Asher” at the MAK Center’s Garage Top Gallery.




Sara Solaimani and Adriana Trujilo

Across the Border

Join border arts scholars Adriana Trujillo and Sara Solaimani for an educational trolley tour from MCASD's downtown location to its last stop in San Ysidro. The purpose of this workshop is to examine ways to deconstruct, decolonize, and dislocate the border aesthetically. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to make observations using the different recording tools made available to workshop participants, but you may also use the different functions on your cell phone and the tool of quiet observation to make mental recordings of the surrounding environment.


Final workshop TBA based on earlier workshops and visitor feedback.