Arena: Rudie Can't Fail: Jamaica and the Sound of Popular Protest + Californication

Thursday, Jan 08, 2015 - 6:30 PM

Arena (1997), Rita McBride’s celebrated and well-travelled modular tribune, has hosted more than 100 artists, poets, writers, architects, musicians, curators, and politicians.

In conjunction with the exhibition Rita McBride: Public Tilt, McBride has invited Los Angeles-based artists Meg Cranston and Chris Wilder to activate Arena with “Rudie Can’t Fail: Jamaica and the Sound of Popular Protest.” This informal lecture and listening session will explore the tremendous impact Jamaican musicians have had on popular music, including well known styles such as ska, reggae, and dub, as well as the less obviously connected styles of punk, disco, rap, and early electronica. Cranston and Wilder will play and discuss these popular styles and the role politics play in their music.

German-based artist Magdalena Kita will both open and close the program with Californication—two five-minute choreographed pieces involving 10 participants presenting actions typically performed on the beach, or in a pool or fitness studio.