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This season we're preparing to close our La Jolla location to ready the building for a major renovation and expansion that will quadruple the Museum's gallery space, allowing us to exhibit MCASD's world-class, 4700-piece collection of contemporary art year round.

This means a major move for both ourselves and our artwork.

Artist Q&A > Tristano di Robilant

MCASD talks with artist Tristano di Robilant, whose exhibition opens December 16 at MCASD Downtown. In the month following the opening, di Robilant will remain in San Diego as an artist in residence at MCASD, as he develops his next series.

MCASD: You have worked with a range of materials, from bronze and aluminium to ceramics and glass. How do you see these various materials and what are the qualities that attract you to working with them?

On October 18, MCASD turns 75

On October 18, 2016, MCASD turns 75.

Join us as we commemorate this landmark anniversary with a few of our favorite programs. Celebrate memories made and successes to come as we honor this special time with our community.

Art Auction 2016 > Kathryn Kanjo on Collecting

Art Auction 2016 is less than one month away! As the region's arts enthusiasts prepare, MCASD's Deputy Director, Art and Programs Kathryn Kanjo weighs in with some expert advice on collecting: where to begin, what to look for, and how to know when you've found a keeper.

Q&A: The Spring Thing Style

Tricia Reina is owner of Tenfold Style and the queen of all the details at The Spring Thing: Modern Mutiny on Friday, March 4 at MCASD Downtown. From the types of flowers at the bar and the lanterns in the lounge, to the color of the napkins at the dinner to the dinner table itself—Tricia is on it.  

Q&A: The Spring Thing's Cicerone

Peter Gutkowski is the certified Cicerone that will be leading The Spring Thing: Modern Mutiny guests on a blind beer tasting adventure during Cocktail Hour. Wondering what a Cicerone is? So were we. MCASD met with Peter to get some details about his trade and what he's got planned for the big night on Friday, March 4 at MCASD Downtown.

Museum Month 2016!

We are proud to take part in Museum Month 2016! During the month of February, San Diego museum visitors with their Museum Month Pass will recieve half-price admission to over 40 museums in the area! 

Get your pass at any Macy's location and enjoy half-off museum admission for you and up to three of your friends. Each pass also features a $10 coupon off any $30 or more purchase at Macy’s.