Summer 2020
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Celebrating our youth partnerships in a time of uncertainty.

Amidst the decision to close the Museum to the public beginning on Saturday, March 14th and this unprecedented time that the globe is facing, came the question: how do we still showcase the work of students and teachers involved in the Extended School Partnership (ESP)? Thanks to the quick thinking, experience, and dedication of Gallery Educators Akiko Mims, Luisa Martínez, Max Lofano, and Olimpia Vazquez Ojeda, showcase installation quickly turned into an impromptu photo session.

ESP 2020 Digital Showcase

Artist Q&A > Nancy Lupo

Nancy Lupo's first museum exhibition is on view MCASD through March 15, 2020. Here, the Los Angeles-based artist speaks with MCASD about her work and current exhibition.
MCASD: Your work is often described through your specific use of materials, from super foods and dental floss to mass produced items such as trash cans or folding chairs. Such materials draw our attention to ubiquitous but often overlooked objects. What is at stake for you in these materials and the ways you bring them together? 
Installation image of Nancy Lupo: Scripts for the Pagaent, at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Downtown, 2019. Photo: Pablo Mason

Artist Q&A > Richard Allen Morris

San Diego-based artist Richard Allen Morris is the subject of the exhibition More like a Forest: Paintings and Sculptures by Richard Allen Morris. Here he discusses aspects of his career and a few of the works featured in the exhibition.

MCASD: When visitors first walk into the Museum they’ll see a series of 39 sculptures all from the 1980s. Can you talk a little bit about the inception of this body of work?

Richard Allen Morris

Artist Q&A: Trevor Paglen

Trevor Paglen is the subject of the mid-career survey Trevor Paglen: Sites Unseen, on view at MCASD Downtown through June 2, 2019. MCASD recently spoke with Paglen via Skype at his studio in Berlin.
MCASD: You spent your childhood on military bases. Can you tell us about your relationship to the military and its culture?

Artist Q&A: Lissa Corona

Lissa Corona is a San Diego-based artist and educator whose work explores deeply personal issues, from partnership and intimacy to emotional and physical vulnerability. Here the artist discusses the bold new work that she created for the exhibition Being Here with You/ Estando aquí contigo.

Still from Lissa Corona’s PULL, 2015, digital video, 3:31 min., exhibited in Being Here With You/Estando aqui contigo: 42 Artists from San Diego and Tijuana, at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Downtown, 2018.

Artist Q&A > Yve Laris Cohen

Learn more about New York-based, San Diego-born artist Yve Laris Cohen, whose first solo museum exhibition on the West Coast is on view at MCASD Downtown through September 2.

MCASD: Your performances and installations often foreground bodies, buildings, and objects in states of transition—on the cusp of appearing or disappearing. Do these ideas relate to questions surrounding being queer or transgender?

Island Boy, Three DJs, and More at MCASD's eXit pARTy

Prepare for anything but the norm at the second event in MCASD's new eXit pARTy

Title I Funding Produces Two Year of Rich Arts Collaboration

Hoover High School is one of several schools in the San Diego Unified School District awarded Title I funding through the Learning Through the Arts program. The mission of the program is to transform school culture and climate with the arts. Participating students experience high quality arts opportunities in the performing, visual, and media arts.

Artist Q&A > Andrea Chung

MCASD talks with the accomplished San Diego-based artist Andrea Chung, whose first solo museum exhibition opens at the Museum in May. Chung’s work is featured in the Jamaica Biennial 2017 and the Chinese American Museum’s upcoming Pacific Standard Time presentation Circles and Circuits: Chinese Caribbean Art in Los Angeles. Chung’s solo exhibition, Andrea Chung: You broke the ocean in half to be here, is on view at MCASD from May 18 through August 20, 2017.

San Diego's Arts Community Needs Your Voice

Mayor Kevin Faulconer has proposed to slash funding for arts and culture in the coming year by $4.7 million, from $15.1 million to $10.4 million. This is a shocking 31% cut.

These cuts will adversely affect more than 100 San Diego non-profit arts and culture organizations, including MCASD. Together, these organizations generate more thanfive million free and paid admissions and reach over450,000 people each year through visits to schools and community groups.