Wondering what we have in our collection? REACT to our collection through a mobile museum experience!

Here's to throwback Mondays!

Reintroducing MCASD REACT, a mobile museum experience that connects you to our collection with your reactions.










Have you ever had a conversation with an artwork? Start a dialogue with works in our digital collection.
Launched two years ago as part of MCASD’s Millennial Engagement Project, funded by the James Irvine Foundation, developed an interactive digital platform that pairs the Museum’s digital collection site with an interactive platform. REACT offers an opportunity for you to share how art impacts your life. When we look at and experience art there are a number of questions we consider in order to better understand our relationship to the work and the artist. Rarely do we discuss these internal inquiries with those we encounter within the shared viewing space. How we react to artwork is influenced by our lived experiences, our sensibilities, and our attractions or repulsions. By posing questions to ourselves when viewing an artwork, we in turn get to contribute to the “work” via the relationship between artist and audience. 
Through the Museum’s partnership with Sosolimited, a team of multi-disciplinary experts utilizing design and technology to cultivate creative and sensory experiences, MCASD has given new life to our digital collection. Check out the video. REACT provides information about select works of art from the collection and poses questions to the viewer in an effort to start a dialogue. Users may choose a work of art in the digital collection to contemplate and can submit a reaction in the form of a photo or text viewable through the React platform. Prompts generated by the platform appear as text layered over the selected piece, such as, “WHAT TITLE WOULD YOU GIVE THIS WORK OF ART?” or “WHAT DOES THIS ARTWORK REMIND YOU OF?” These texts function as a gentle nudge to the viewer to consider the artwork in a more personal way, in hopes that they will respond with a photo or comment that presents a new consideration of each piece through the associations contributed by participants.

REACT to an artwork in our collection

Go to https://react.mcasd.org/ or follow the QR code.
SCROLL to see other reactions.
SWIPE right or left to browse artwork from the collection.
REACT by answering the prompt with text or a photo.
Submit your reaction with a signature or anonymously.
Share your reaction via Twitter, Facebook, Email, or copy the URL to share everywhere!


This initiative is funded by the James Irvine Foundation’s Exploring Engagement Fund

Cindy Sherman portrait on display on the REACT touch screen with a crowed of people gathered in front of it ready to engage.