Utilize our galleries as a place of learning and exploration!


Our Education Department is gearing up for a new academic year with YOU in mind. Be prepared to explore contemporary art through lively conversations in the galleries, learn and contribute by becoming a Teen Advisor or an Intern, or take part in an art history seminar course—there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find on this fall’s education menu:

Sessions in Contemporary Art

Our seminars in contemporary art are back! Take a close look at the major movements that have defined the art of our time. Join us for four seminar courses led by Chief Curator Kathryn Kanjo, Associate Curator Jill Dawsey, Assistant Curator Elizabeth Rooklidge, and the David C. Copley Director and CEO Hugh Davies. October 28, November 4, November 11, and November 18.


MCASD provides visitors with unique opportunities to explore contemporary art through lively      conversations and hands-on experiences. MCASD offers a range of tour experiences to serve K–12th grade school groups with an emphasis in working with middle and high school teachers and students, higher education, community groups, and adult groups. Visit www.mcasd.org for more information!

Teen Advisory Group (TAG)

The Teen Advisory Group is at the core of MCASD’s teen programs. Composed of 20 diverse teens representing high schools from across San Diego, TAG meets at the Museum the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 5–7 PM to explore contemporary art in the galleries.

MCASD is currently accepting applications for the 2014–2015 Teen Advisory Group. Visit our website and submit by Monday, September 15 to be considered for the program. This year’s program begins October 14, 2014.


Meet the Education team!

Our dynamic team of Gallery Educators and staff love what they do and are eager to share their knowledge with you!

Education Curator Cris Scorza: “I believe contemporary art can help us understand the world we live in and empower us to take action. I hope visitors can embrace the Museum as a resource for learning and reflection.”

Gallery Educator Anne Simon: “I enjoy learning about contemporary art and love to share my passion. My objective is to help our visitors understand the art and widen their horizons.”

Gallery Educator Josh Clavell: “I am a San Diego native and have been part of the MCASD Education team for over six years. I started visiting MCASD when I was a child and I hope to provide others with the same opportunity to experience and learn about art from an early age.”

Gallery Educator Karla Centeno: “I believe art has the power to transcend, elevate, and enhance everyday life.”

Gallery Educator Claudia Cano: “I am an interdisciplinary artist. As an educator, I eagerly believe that the best way to change society is through education. Inviting visitors to view and analyze art from another perspective is a challenge that I enthusiastically embrace.”

Gallery Educator Lorain Rihan: “As an educator and an artist, I believe that art is instrumental for inspiring social and political change in our communities and transnationally.” (Not Pictured)

Gallery Educator Maggie Fisher Lees: “MCA exhibitions present important and fresh stories… after a while they start to layer and mix in a nice way alongside personal experience.  Coming to the Museum is a sure way to remain mindful and to challenge the status quo.”

Gallery Educator Janet Rostovsky: “Contemporary art allows the viewer to have personal freedom of interpretation.”

Educator for School, Youth and Educator Programs Christian Lopez: “I love having the opportunity to work with teachers and higher education professors to discover ways to incorporate the Museum and contemporary art into the curriculum, and transforming the galleries into the classroom.”

Gallery Educator Josh Moreno: “I’m excited to be in an environment where I am constantly learning and able to discuss issues that are being explored by artists.”

Gallery Educator and Education Assistant Eva DeLeon: “I am passionate about exposing as many children as possible to the arts. Art has the power to aid children in the understanding of difficult and abstract ideas by creating a mental space for active exploration.”