TAG--You're It!


MCASD's Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is comprised of 20 teens from Tijuana to Carlsbad who meet at the Museum to offer input into public teen programs and study works of art through discussions, projects, and meetings with artists and arts professionals.

What happens after TAG? Read about members from last year’s program and see how MCASD impacted their high school experience and beyond.


Q: What are you doing now?

A: I currently attend CalARTS in Valencia. I am working on getting my B.A. in Film/Video. I have also been working on my musical project “Twin Cabins,” which has been taking off. I have been playing here in the U.S. and have been invited to play in Mexico and other parts of the world (no money makes it hard). I have also been producing scores for films for directors at NYU which will be in the festival circuit very soon. Lastly, I recently licensed my music to appear in an independent feature film called Trattoria. As of now, though, I’m getting settled here in L.A. County and getting involved with scoring film projects as well as working on my own.


Q: Why should other
teens get involved in teen programs at MCASD?

A: It’s a great way to meet
the Museum staff and see how it runs behind the scenes. Also, the fact that the teen programs are hosted at the Museum gives you personal exposure to the artwork
first hand.


Q: How did your involvement at MCASD affect what you’re doing now, and how do you think it will affect your future?

A: Between artist interviews and meetings with Museum staff, I was shown there are a large variety of jobs available within the museum sphere besides the front desk, the artists, and the curator. It really had a big part in solidifying my desire to pursue art history and gave me confidence that I would be able to have a very interesting career.