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MCASD presents our new series Patrol Tours. This series of videos offer a glimpse into our guards’ perspective of artworks on view, our buildings, and more. Beginning with a walkthrough of the exhibition Commonplace Abstractions David Mesa Chief of Security introduces us to a little known gallery. 

Drawn from MCASD’s collection, Commonplace Abstractions brings together works of art that remind us of everyday life:
The poets Pablo Neruda in his “Ode to Common Things” and Sylvia Plath in her poem “The Mirror,” pay tribute to the everyday objects that celebrate the creativity of the human race. Similarly, experimental composer John Cage changed the pitch of his piano by placing coins and screws to challenge what is possible when we think differently.

Following the tradition of readymades by Marcel Duchamp, who pioneered the use of found objects, transforming and repositioning them to turn them into art, the artists presented here, through their work, invite us to pay more attention to our environment and our daily interaction with objects
In this exhibition, the artist Mónica Arreola scans pages of notebooks, while Peter Dreher paints vivid and mysterious glasses of water, and Clay Ketter meticulously creates walls stripped of piping and electrical connections. Eric Snell’s burnt canvases result from his process-based performance in which he incorporates rulers or other measuring devices that highlight his interest in space and travel. Similarly, John Armleder, a Fluxus artist was inspired by John Cage's uses of ordinary objects and incorporates a coat hanger to transform his work of art, and Okay Mountain Collective organizes Zen garden configurations around garbage (chewing gum and plastic cups) to create abstract compositions that exalt the beauty inherent in everyday objects.
Screen shot of the exhibition intro text "Commonplace Abstractions" with Spanish translation "Abstracciones cotidianas"

What everyday objects in your home deserve an artistic rendition?

Create an abstract composition or write a poem about your everyday object, take a photo, and share your REACT(ion) with on: REACT

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