MCASD Launches Tumblr with 25 Works of Art in 25 Days


The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego is bringing art beyond the museum walls.

Today we launched a tumblr that will showcase works from the Museum’s permanent collection and invite the public to share their comments: what they see, how the art makes them feel, or why it moves them. The tumblr kicks off with 25 works of art in 25 days.

The tumblr is part of a larger effort to create more access to art for more audiences, while also offering a diverse, youthful voice that reflects the insights of the next generation of arts enthusiasts. Other initiatives include a mobile site that will launch this spring and the continuation of the Museum’s 25 and under free admission program sponsored by Qualcomm.

“We are offering ways for more people to experience contemporary art, either physically or virtually,” said Hugh Davies, the David C. Copley Director and CEO. “In a world that is increasingly smaller, our hope is that more and more people are able to be active patrons of the arts.”