Make Friday the 13th our lucky day!



13 on 13

Today we’re asking you—art lover, Member, supporter, and all around arts and culture enthusiast—to give $13 towards helping us raise $13,000 in 24 hours. Your donation will go towards funding another year of exciting exhibitions and engaging public programs. 
Take a look at what your support allowed us to do in 2013:
It brought you a whole summer of Shore Thing! We opened up the Sculpture Garden and all watched the sunset together over cocktails and great music--all summer long. Ah, memories. 
We held an art contest for people age 25 and under. More than 200 people voted and came to see the works in person at our showcase event. 
We took you to TJ and back with our new Field Trip series, where we explored the burgeoning art scene with private tours to Museums, galleries, and art-covered alleyways. Delicious dining experience included. Mole pizza anyone? Yes, let’s definitely do that again. 
We brought you up close and personal with the artists. You heard from Liza Lou, Scoli Acosta, and more as we gave you an inside peek into their practice with artist interviews, installation videos, artist talks, and more.
We held not three but FOUR TNTs this year and we couldn’t have done it without your support. We shared tasty cocktails, jammed out to great music, and enjoyed MIHO every time. Who gets tired of them? Never. 
Help us do it all again in 2014. We’ll look for your pledge on December 13. When you donate your $13, download this special X and use it as your Facebook profile picture to let everyone know you support MCASD. 
Friday the 13th gets a bad rap. On December 13th, let's turn that luck around.