On the Horizon: Selection Dinner 2013


This year, MCASD’s Collectors groups celebrate their 28th anniversary. Thanks to the combined support of the International and Contemporary Collectors, MCASD has added 94 works to its collection—works that were collectively purchased for approximately $3.2 million and that today are valued at over $12.5 million. The support from our Collectors groups has allowed our curators to discover new artists, enrich the MCASD collection, and build an engaged and informed community of collectors in San Diego.

Each year, MCASD’s curatorial staff organizes an exhibition of works to be considered for acquisition by these two groups. This year, Members will review works by artists Chiara Banfi, Andrea Bowers, Tiago Carneiro da Cunha, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Martha Rosler, and Anna Sew Hoy. These works are currently featured in an exhibition on view at MCASD La Jolla called Prospect 2013. The works are then selected by ballot at the group’s annual celebratory occasion—the Selection Dinner. This year’s dinner will be held on May 8 in La Jolla.

We are grateful to the Northern Trust Company for generously underwriting this special event.

Interested in joining the group?

Contact Edie Nehls at Enehls@mcasd.org or 858 454 3541 x179.