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MCASD invites you to enjoy another ArtLab: Take-Home Edition, an artmaking experience for the whole family to enjoy at home. In this project, you will look closely at Zeus Triad, (1997-99) by Beverly Pepper. When we say closely, we mean zoom in.

Beverly Pepper (1922–2020) was a prolific American artist known for her monumental sculptures, land art, and site-specific installations. She remained independent from any particular art movement, experimental in her practice, and created work out of unique materials such as a sheet of metal, trunks of trees, and industrial debrief. Pepper has given a unique color to the sculptures Amphitheater and Triad.

Beverly Pepper, Zeus Triad, 1997-1999
This week's ArtLAB continues to takes inspiration from Pepper's work Zeus Triad, 1992-99. Photo by Pablo mason.

Have you ever wondered how sculptures get their unique green, blue, or rust colors? That type of coloring or finish is called patina. Inspired by Beverly Pepper’s patinas, we will experiment with watercolor and salt to understand some of the reactions that create those unique colors. Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact materials--have fun, and be creative with your substitutes! Once completed, you can share it with us via social media or MCASD React.


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ArtLAB Instructions & Template

Missed the ArtKit pick up? We have you covered.
Print the Instructions from here. All you will need are a couple extra supplies from home.
Here are a couple items that you will need:
  • Watercolors
  • Brush
  • A Wax or White Crayon
  • Water
  • Salt

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