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Education Intern Take Over


Every summer the Education & Engagement department at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego welcomes an intern, and this year is no exception. Working with members of the MCASD staff via weekly zoom meeting, Isaiah Colmenero, created a family-friendly ArtLab inspired by Oscar Romo’s artwork. Romo is an environmental engineer, professor at UCSD, Urban Studies and Planning Program in San Diego, and the watershed coordinator in Los Laureles Canyon, Tijuana. He is known for his ingenious contemporary art that combats and/or raises awareness of environmental issues. Romo uses recycled products to create new art that uses both traditional and original artistic concepts. With this mini-project, viewers will create our art piece, a collage, inspired by the artwork he created for One Bunk Tijuana, a small hotel at the heart of downtown Tijuana and Recovered Stream, 2019-2020 currently on view at MCASD 1001 Kettner building. Yes, you can still enjoy it from the window as you stroll by.  Let’s start! This video gives viewers an interpretation of a repurposed and meaningful art piece that is now an activity for anyone.

*Recommended for ages 8+
Photo of roof made of plastic soda bottle bottoms in light blues, clear, and greens.
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