fbpx Family ArtLab: Home Edition-Joe Goode | Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Last Education Intern Take Over of the Summer
Isaiah Colmenero, Education & Engagement Summer Intern at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego presents a family-friendly ArtLab inspired by Joe Goode. Joe Goode is known for cloud and sky imagery, contemporary art, and combinations of traditional and non-traditional media. With this mini-project, we will create our art piece inspired by a piece from his “Torn Sky” series circa 1974-1975. With this mini-project, viewers will create our art piece, a painting that consists of four colors, inspired by his Torn Sky artwork featured on MCASD’s REACT website. This video gives viewers an interpretation and rendition of one Joe Goode’s recognized peoples and offers an activity suitable for anyone.
*Recommended for ages 8+
Tags: ArtLab

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