Donate $16 on 16!

This season we're preparing to close our La Jolla location to ready the building for a major renovation and expansion that will quadruple the Museum's gallery space, allowing us to exhibit MCASD's world-class, 4700-piece collection of contemporary art year round.

This means a major move for both ourselves and our artwork.

Moving a work of art from one location to another is no easy feat. It takes many glove-covered hands, strategy planning meetings, countless rolls of packing tape, and weeks of hard work on behalf of the Museum's Curatorial team.

From now until December 16th, we're sharing the journey an artwork takes as it moves from the galleries to our 25,000-square-foot storage facility. We're telling this story through email and on Facebook, and we hope you'll be inspired to donate $16 or more on December 16th to help us meet our goal of raising $16,000.

Everyone who donates to the campaign will receive 50% off their entire purchase in MCASD's X Store at a special shopping day from 11 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, December 17.