fbpx Continuing to Create in a Pandemic | Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
MCASD Extended School Partnership (ESP) program presents a digital showcase of student artwork from a local high school: Altus Charter School of San Diego. Students from this school created artwork in response to their experiences a museum visit, and lessons in their classroom even after shelter-in-place orders. 
Teachers Jeanette Brown and Carmine Del La Rosa guided their art students to create both independent and group focused artwork. The students within this Extended School Partnership program created propaganda posters that highlighted the recent COVID-19 pandemic that changed lifestyles of people around the globe. They also worked on their independent projects that ranged from photography to hand-made puppets. Their independent projects highlighted contemporary issues and the artists’ interpretations of them. They also ranged in mediums and used mixtures of both traditional and non-traditional media. The artworks varied in three-dimensional, two-dimensional, and electronic media to showcase a diverse amount of artistic skills. 
All students developed their artworks through a project-based learning model, including hands-on production and a series of peer virtual critiques and reviews. The result of the partnership is a showcase of individual and collaborative reflection and innovation. Each student brings forth a unique perspective of how to interpret, challenge, and bring change to the world around us, both immediately and towards an undiscovered future.
Although the showcase was originally intended for an in-person exhibition, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and Altus Charter School of San Diego worked together to quickly redesign the partnership and culminating showcase to be displayed virtually. We invite you to explore our Extended School Partnership digital catalogue and digital slideshow. To see and celebrate the amazing artworks discussed above, please view the Catalogue on ISSUU or Download your copy.
Front cover of ESP Showcase with a black and white photo of a low flying plane and tree tops in the forefront.

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