Art is Alive


Art student and MCASD Communications Intern Andres Perez attended this year's Coachella Festival. Check out his insights into the festival, Coachella's art contest, and the two prevalant themes in his life: music and art.

As a current communications intern at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, I am enveloped by creativity every time I enter the offices. With the ability to venture downstairs and wander the gallery space, I am offered the opportunity to view the interchange of art quite frequently. My experience here at the offices of MCASD Downtown have opened my mind to the creativity that surrounds each of us each day, and this experience has only been reinforced through my recent attendance of the Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival.

Celebrating artists and musicians alike, my attendance allowed me to further appreciate the opportunity to intern for offices that promote the creative process. The festival had me thinking at one point, all these musicians reached stardom because someone gave them a chance to express their talents, much like MCASD Downtown offers to showcase up and coming artists. The energy of the festival is contagious, similar to the energy I experience every time I come to MCASD Downtown. Though the festival was roaring with the sound of several bands playing at once, the museum space often silent, also roars with the sound of expression that hangs from the walls.

Later in the weekend, the Coachella art contest had me thinking of the upcoming 25 & Under Art Contest Artist Showcase, and soon I realized there is not one aspect of this internship that I don’t enjoy. From working with various staff members to orchestrating event details, this opportunity has only reinforced many of the skills I’ve acquired throughout the years, as well as the respect I have for the art realm.

It is interesting that Coachella helped me realize this. Though this weekend only comes twice a year, music and art are prevalent themes in my life. Those themes are also celebrated at MCASD Downtown. A previous exhibition by artist Margaret Noble focused on her artistic talents both in art and music, of which she will be showcasing at the upcoming Summer Solstice Soiree in collaboration with the Avante Garde group.

There are so many correlations between what I experienced this last weekend, to what I experience in my work environment. Though the bands varied from day to day, so do the tasks I contribute to through my internship. This weekend did not provide one dull moment, and neither has my time at MCASD Downtown.


--Andres Perez