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The piece Satori alludes to the Japanese Buddhist term meaning enlightenment, in Buddhism the state of having siritual knowledge and awareness, which frees the person of the cycle of rebirth. One can reach "satori" after a long period of studying and meditation. Whitten started studying far eastern mysticism and began to read a lot. He felt that his point in his life he was on the right track to something greater than what he had learned up to that point. After painting Satori he had reached a period of enlightenment in which he felt that this painting was a gift from him to the cosmos. It was also a point of transition in his painting styles from being an abstract expressionist artist to working more with hard edge geometry and gestural abstraction. It's also one of the first paintings where he stops painting with oils and begins to use acrylics in order to achieve thicker and heavier surfaces. What aspects of this piece signify an enlightenment for you?