E-Stamp III (Red Velvet: For Marcia Tucker)

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Whitten combined gesture with aspects of sculpture and collage at a time when narrative-based and didactic work was de rigeur for black artists. In the 1990s and 2000s, Whittenʼs experiments with paint as a medium moved further towards sculpture, as began to use tiles of dried acrylic paint and applied them directly to the canvas, creating mosaic-like tiles and works that actively reference the histry of the ancient art form. It’s also during this time in Whitten’s artistic career that memorial and personae become sources for content, as works paid homage to celebrated figures and close friends of the artist, such as the painting E-Stamp II (The Black Butterfly: For Bobby Short) 2007. Whitten takes everyday life and makes it beautiful. Do you think he is also making a social commentary about the unnoticed beauty in everyday life?