South American art is inseparably intertwined with literature. For many South American artists, there is no separation at all, as was the case for mail artists and Proyecto Coquito which focusses on a educational book of the same name which many Latin Americans had used to learn to read and write. Despite the book being banned and teachers being forced to use the official government text, in 1979 Coquito was still in widespread use. Bedoya describes, “El ´80 había regresado a Buenos Aires, y en asamblea contra la dictadura argentina hice una ferviente crítica contra los militares. Al terminar, alguien me pregunta mi nombre y yo digo Coquito. Con ese nombre salvé mi vida, pues a Fernando Bedoya lo hubiesen desaparecido.” [In 1980 I had returned to Buenos Aires, and in an assembly against the Argentine dictatorship I made a fervent critic against the military regime. When finished, someone asked me my name and I said Coquito. With that name I saved my life, because Fernando Bedoya would have been disappeared.]