Kara Tanaka

Kara Tanaka is interested in the idea of transcendence as it appears in both science fiction and eastern religious philosophies. Her large-scale sculpture Dissolver takes the form of a space capsule-cum-Buddhist temple, merging concepts of transmigration and enlightenment with the logic of fantasy and space travel. Based on contemporary prototypes for privatized space exploration, Tanaka’s vessel proposes a plan for survival in the open universe. The structure is studded with spiky gold forms and holds a single spinning tank of blue liquid, which the artist envisions as “…a storehouse consciousness, or a traveling packet of energy that transmigrates from one life to the next. By inserting these energy units into the internal machine of Dissolver, human consciousness can take advantage of this transport vessel and become an integral component of its mission to use technological advancements in consciousness and space exploration to disrupt the flow of human existence.”  


acrylic ink on paper
55 x 85 in
Courtesy the artist and Simon Preston Gallery, New York. © Kara Tanaka + Simon Preston, New York