Emre Hüner

Emre Hüner’s Juggernaut is a filmic montage composed of live action dramatic sequences, film and cartoon clips sampled from the archives of NASA, General Motors, and Disney, and newsreel footage—all of which are concerned with the subject of space travel. Juggernaut moves between optimistic visions of the future and images that suggest technology’s destructive potential. One dramatic sequence features a group of middle-aged gentlemen—ostensibly bureaucrats, scientists, and engineers—who examine models of high-tech wing forms as well as an architectural model that evokes the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair (forms resembling the famous Trylon and Perisphere structures are telling details). It is difficult to tell whether the gentlemen are reflecting on past events or discussing things to come, and the tone of  the video itself is ambiguous with respect to modernity and humankind’s prospects for the future. Juggernaut closes with a voiceover drawn from To New Horizons (1940), a film produced for General Motors’ Futurama pavilion at the World’s Fair, which registers as simultaneously ironic and earnest: “And so we see…A world with a future in which all of us are tremendously interested. Because that is where we are going to spend the rest of our lives. In a future which can be whatever we propose to make it.”


single channel video projection
21 minutes 8 seconds
Courtesy the artist and Rodeo, Istanbul. © Emre Hüner