b'LOT #4LOT #3 KIM MACCONNELJEAN LOWE How Not To Paint A Chair 7 Gerbil (Abracadabra Series), 2013(Homage to John Baldessari), 2020enamel on wood panelDelft Bookcase, 20052016 painted armchair 16 / 8x 16 / 8x 2 / 4in.1 1 1enamel on papier-mch, acrylic on cardboard, and casein on foamboard 47 x 39 x 39 in.96 x 32 / 2x 11 / 2in. Courtesy of the artist1 1Courtesy of the artist and Quint Gallery $15,000$18,000$20,000$25,000Throughout his five-decade career, Kim MacConnel has worked against the grain of dominant styles. Through her elaborate painting-cum-sculptures, Jean Lowe addresses the troubling realities ofIn the 1970s, MacConnel departed from Minimalism and Conceptual art, filling his paintings withour culture with a tongue-in-cheek approach. Many of her papier-mch works recreate domesticvivid patterning. Later, he began working in a mode of hard-edge abstraction, applying enamel paints spaces complete with furniture such as sofas, tables, and, as in Delft Bookcase, shelves lined withto metal. Yet MacConnel approached his geometric forms through ideas of pattern and decoration, her own satirical books. The bookcases white and blue pattern recalls Delft pottery, itself anembracing nonwestern styles of ornamentation. Combining painting with textiles and furnituresuch imitation of Chinese porcelain produced in the Netherlands beginning in the 17th century. Withas armchairshe challenges the boundaries of fine art. MacConnels How Not To Paint A Chair, with her characteristic humor, the various books tackle contemporary moral and ethical quandaries,its pattern of brightly-colored dots, is an homage to the late John Baldessari (19312020). MCASD from emotional bankruptcy to economic inequality. MCASD has had a long history with Lowe,presented MacConnels career retrospective in 2011 and his Untitled sofa sculpture from MCASDs who is represented by several works in the collection. Most recently, the artist led an art-makingcollection is featured in With Pleasure: Pattern and Decoration in American Art 19721985 which 8 workshop for Museum patrons in her Encinitas studio. 9 originated at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.'