b'LOT #1LEONARDO DREW LOT #2Number 144D, 2016JUNE EDMONDSwood, paint, and mixed media on paper 23 x 23 x 2 in.Unenforceable Covenant (Flag), 2019framed: 26 x 26 x 3 in.acrylic on canvasCourtesy of the artist and Galerie Lelong & Co., New York 74 x 50 in.$30,000$40,000 Courtesy of the artist and Luis de Jesus Los Angeles$25,000$30,000In his often monumental abstract sculptural works and installations, New York-based artist Leonardo Drew transforms accumulations of materials such as wood, scrap metal, paper, cotton, and mud.June Edmondss vivid abstract paintings combine explorations of color theory with culturally Drew works with these elements in their raw statethey are not found objects, but new materials resonant forms. Last year the Los Angeles artist received widespread critical acclaim for her subjecting them to processes of burning, weathering, oxidizing, staining, and corrosion. The resultingnew series of Flag paintings. Made through the methodical application of thick, wet brushstrokes, works conjure Americas industrial past, as well as more universal themes surrounding life cycles Edmondss large canvases feature a spectrum of browns inflected with saturated reds, blues, and and the passage of time. Number 144D features a number of Drews signature elements, includinggreens. Oriented like a portrait, the multifaceted flag evokes the many perspectives and diverse paint chips made by hand from drywall, and an unsettled grid that evokes order and chaos. identities of American people. Indeed, Edmonds transforms the symbol into one reflecting the In 1995, Drew received a solo exhibition at MCASD organized by Kathryn Kanjo. More recently, richness and complexity of our countrys history. Edmonds received a BA from San Diego State he was commissioned for a major public artwork for Madison Square Park and a solo project University, and an MFA from the Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia. Her work has been presented6 was on view at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles in spring 2020. 7 at museums around the country, and she is the recipient of the inaugural AWARE Prize.'