b'What is a reserve price? How does shipping work? ARTSY CONDITIONS OF SALEA reserve price (also known as a "reserve") isAfter the auction, the buyer will be connected the confidential minimum price below whichwith ArtWorks San Diego to arrange shipping. the item may not be sold in the auction. IfDue to restrictions related to Covid-19, and the an item has a reserve, this will be indicatedinability of our vendors or MCASD to donateLast Updated: September 3, 2019on the bidding screen where you enter yourshipping services, shipping charges will be paid bid. When you bid on an item with a reserve,by the winning bidder.These Conditions of Sale (Conditions)1. Basic conditionsif your Maximum Bid meets or exceeds theBy participating in the MCASD 2020 describe the relationship between Art.sy,The Services include an online marketplace reserve, your bid will be increased to meet theArt Auction, each bidder recognizes andInc. d/b/a Artsy (Artsy or we or our orand tools to buy, bid on, inquire about, list, reserve (according to the automatic biddingagrees that: us) and the buyers, prospective buyers,market, offer for sale, and sell artwork and increments), and bidding will continue frombidders, sellers and prospective sellers thatother property. All property is offered for sale there. If an item is offered with a reserve,The highest bidder shall be the successful use the Artsy website, products, and servicesand sold directly from the seller to the buyer, Artsy will be authorized to bid on the seller\'spurchaser. Every effort has been made to (collectively, the Services). By using theand we are not a party to any sale, except as behalf, up to the amount of the reserve. Somedescribe auction items accurately, but all Services to buy, bid on, inquire about, list,stated in section 6 below. We may facilitate live sales may have unknown reserves and items are sold as is and without warranty market, offer for sale, or sell any property,communication or payment between buyers, Artsy will try to represent them as accurately or representation of any kind as to the you (you or your) agree to be bound byprospective buyers, bidders, and sellers in as they can during the live sale. In live sales, correctness of the description, authenticity, these Conditions. Please read these Conditionsconnection with some property. However, we the auctioneer\'s decision is the final one. value, or fitness of items. carefully, and feel free to contact us if you are not the agent of any buyer, prospective What about taxes?Neither the Museum of Contemporary Art have any questions. buyer, or bidder for any purpose, and we are not Buyers are responsible for paying all sales andSan Diego nor Artsy is liable for any the agent of any seller for any purpose. If you use taxes, VAT and any other taxes that apply tooccurrence resulting from the use of are using the Services on behalf of a company, their purchases. Applicable taxes will be addedauctioned items or services. organization or other legal entity, you represent to the winning bidders invoice after the auction. and warrant that you are authorized to bindAll sales are final. Refunds or exchanges are that entity to these Conditions, in which case How does payment work after an auction? not allowed. the terms you and your in these Conditions Once the auction closes, winning bidders will MCASD shall give the name and contact will refer to that entity. In these Conditions, receive an email alerting them as to whetherinformation of each buyer in writing to the on the Services means on the Artsy website they won each lot on which they bid, and thenartist and/or donating gallery for their and/or (as applicable) on any Artsy application an email in the day following with specificprivate records only.that you may use. By using the Services in any instructions for how to checkout and pay formanner, you also accept our Terms of Use which purchased items. Artsy will collect payment Some artists have requested a purchaser governs your access to and use of the Services from each buyer for each lot. Once the paymentagreement be signed before the artwork may and our Privacy Policy, which describes our has been collected, the winning bidder andbe collected. This agreement may request practices for the collection and use of your MCASD will coordinate shipping and additionalthat the winner not re-sell the work for a information.shipping costs. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PAYperiod of time and/or the winner shall giveBY CHECK, PLEASE CONTACT MCASD INthe artist or gallery exclusive rights regarding For a full list of Artsys Conditions of SaleADVANCE OF THE AUCTION to make alternativeresale of the work. Winners of these works please visit:arrangements.will be contacted with this paperwork to sign https://www.artsy.net/conditions-of-salebefore the artwork is released.50 51'