b'AUCTION PROCEDURESThis year, the MCASD Art Auction will be hosted on ARTSYs website. MCASD will have a dedicated page you can save on your phone, your home computer, or tablet. How do I register for an auction on Artsy? What is a maximum bid?All bidders need to register by completingIf you enter a bid amount higher than the next an online form and providing all requiredminimum bid, the amount you enter is treated information, such as their full name, contactas your Maximum Bid. Entering a Maximum information, and credit card details. MCASD Bid does not necessarily mean you will pay that will have two sales listed- one for the Silentprice, and you may pay less. As the auction Auction and one for the Live Auction. Check progresses, Artsys system will bid automatically the instructions for the sale you are interested for you against other bidders, according to their in and register early. Artsy will communicate automatic bidding increments (see below), up to the status of your registration via the email (but not exceeding) your Maximum Bid, only as andcontact information you provide. much as necessary to maintain your position as How do I place a bid? highest bidder. If two bidders attempt to enter Bidding on Artsy is easy with their automaticthe same Maximum Bid, the first bidder to enter bidding system. Select your bid amount asthat amount will be the winner.long as it is greater than or equal to the nextWhat are bidding increments?minimum bid shown on the bidding screen, thenArtsys automatic bidding increments determine Delivering convention, meeting and eventclick the Bid button. This will automaticallythe next minimum bid that can be placed.transportation experiences that Wow! place a bid for you at the next increment andThey are based on the current bid of each item save the amount you entered (if higher) as yourand increase at the following intervals, whenMaximum Bid. the current bid is:Bidders will receive an email to confirm whenUnder $1,000: $50SEAT Planners is the leading company in nation-widetheir bid has been received, and an email to$1,000$1,999: $100passenger transportation management. We appliednotify them when they are outbid (please note$2,000$4,999: $250the science of public transportation to the service of private transportation for the perfect system ofthat this email notification process does not$5,000$9,999: $500shuttling guests for conventions and events. apply to the LIVE Auction, only Silent auction).$10,000$19,999: $1,000Overflow hotel shuttles After the auction, winning bidders will also$20,000$49,999: $2,000Airport shuttles with meet and greetFun run, marathons receive an email to notify them of their winning$50,000$99,999: $5,000Sporting event shuttles bid. Please be sure to register with a valid emailAt or above $100,000: $10,000Parking lot shuttles, Golf Cart ShuttleVIP transfers with meet and greet address and to check your email frequently Special event mass moves during an auction to make sure you receive Note: Artsys usual bidding increments are listed Small group transfers above, but depending on the auction, increment SEAT Planners is passionate about theall relevant updates. amounts may vary.environment and partners with the Conservation Fund to offset our carbon footprint .www.seatplanners.com49'