b'LOT # LOT #87LAUREN SIRY 90KLINE SWONGERI am what I think you think I am No. 6, 2016 Green on Yellow, 2020acrylic on panel steel and etched copper with patina40 / 8x 31 / 2 in. 12 x 6 in.1 1Courtesy of the artist and 1805 Gallery Courtesy of the artist$3,500$4,500 $500$1,000San Diego-based artist Lauren Siry merges painting andKline Swonger is a San Diego-based artist who uses drawing in atmospheric images that explore the perceptioneveryday materials to explore formal and perceptual of self and the construction of identity.relationships between sculpture and the physical world.91 JUAN VILLAVICENCIOParadise I, 2019ceramic88ALEXIS SMITH 1 2 1 217 /x 7 /x 9 in.Mine was the better punch. But it didnt win Courtesy of the artistthe wristwatch, 1983 $500$1,000silkscreen, ed. 7/18022 x 14 in.In his playful ceramic sculptures, Juan Villavicencio Courtesy of Anonymous combines visual elements drawn from from pop culture, $1,000$2,000 traditional ceramics, and the natural world.Alexis Smith couples found images with quotes from literature and Hollywood films, and is known for 92MARNIE WEBERher characteristic wit. MCASD will present a career And So Goes The Moon, 2016retrospective of the artists work in 2022. collage on archival pigment print in brass frame24 x 17 / 8in.7Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Praz-Delavallade$4,000$5,00089TOSHA STIMAGE In her collages, sculptures, and films, Marnie Weber creates Untitled, 2019 uncanny worlds that exist in a realm between fantasy and collage reality. The artist had a solo exhibition at MCASD in 2019.17 x 11 in.Courtesy of the artist and Guerrero Gallery$500$1,000Working in a variety of mediums, Tosha Stimage explores93CATE WHITEvisual languages and symbols as they relate to identity. Hippie Giving Flowers to a Dead Tree, 2017acrylic, latex, spray paint on canvas24 x 18 in.Courtesy of the artist and Guerrero Gallery$500$1,000Oakland-based Cate White is widely recognized for her distinctive figurative paintings, creating emotional narratives from the diverse social groups around her.36 37'