b'LOT # LOT #79SHIZU SALDAMANDO 83ANNA SEW HOYSandy Switchblade, 2013 Thrown Shade II, 2019colored pencil on paper black mirror, dyed denim and corduroy, and mixed media32 x 22 in. 37 x 19 x 4 in.Courtesy of the artist and Charlie James Gallery Courtesy of the artist and Various Small Fires,$3,000$4,000 Los Angeles / SeoulDrawing portraits of people in her life, Shizu Saldamando$8,000$10,000focuses on the spectrum of identities within and around theThe unique sculptural forms of Los Angeles-based artist Anna Los Angeles metropolitan area.Sew Hoy reflect our intimate encounters with everyday objects.80DAVID SALLE84BARBARA SEXTONLapis I, 19911993 Speak My Language, Feather, 2002etching, aquatint, and pouchoir on lanan mould-paper, graphite on Topographical map of the Oceansed. 82/250 24 / 4x 36 / 4in.3 322 x 30 in. Courtesy of the artistCourtesy of Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac $3,000$4,000$2,000$3,000 Barbara Sextons graphite drawing of a feather wasA widely celebrated figure of contemporary art, David Sallesmade on a topographical map produced at the Scripps collage-like works layer imagery from a variety of sources toInstitute. For the artist, the feather carries associationscreate colorful compositions. of freedom, awareness, and communication.81LARA SCHNITGER 85JIM SHAWA Fine Line, 2019 Study for Neo-Conservative Gremlins, 2007stretched velvet pencil on paper32 x 26 in. 14 x 11 in.Courtesy of the artist and Anton Kern Gallery Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Praz-Delavallade$13,000$15,000 $7,000$8,000The Dutch-born, Los Angeles-based artist Lara Schnitger isA major figure in the Los Angeles art world, Jim Shaw known for her bold, textile-based works that explore feministexplores themes of authority and its subversion in playfully themes. MCASD acquired a major sculpture by the artist satirical works.in 2019.86JASON SHERRY82ARTHUR SECUNDA Objects Gathered for a Sance: Three Copies of Ghost,Distant Canyon View, 1973 One Copy of The Sixth Sense, and One Copy of The Shining lithograph, ed. 11/50 On VHS, 201930 / 8x 22 in. castings from chemically melted VHS cassettes1Courtesy of Tami and Michael Lang 23 x 26 in.$500$1,000 Courtesy of the artistArthur Secunda brings his personal philosophy of color $2,000$3,000to explorations of space and natural forms. Incorporating objects found in flea markets and second-hand stores, San Diego artist Jason Sherrys work highlights 34 35 humorous aspects of human nature.'