b"LOT # LOT #64ANNA OCAIN 67TATIANA PARCERO Blood Moon, Bills, and the Fig Tree from the Natura Animalis, Dorsum Piscis, 2012 Nighttime series, 2016 archival ink on watercolor paper, ed. 1/10pigment print 22 / 4x 16 / 2in. 3 114 x 44 / 2in. Courtesy of the artist and jdc Fine Art1Courtesy of the artist $1,000$2,000$500$1,000 Tatiana Parceros photographs combine images of theAnna OCain is a San Diego-based artist who plays withbody, often the artists own, with found material such as ideas of organization and memory, scrambling any sense ofmaps or landscapes.order or structure. OCain was one of three artists who led participatory workshops at MCASD in summer 2019.65RUBEN OCHOA 68LARRY POONSUntitled from Ten from Leo CastelliRusset Haze, Opus 2, 2015 Published byTanglewood Press, Inc., New York, 1967rust on panel screenprint, edition of 200 36 x 24 in.1 38 / 4x 6 / 16in. Courtesy of the artist and Vielmetter Los Angeles Courtesy of Carole Laventhol$20,000$25,000 $500$1,000Los Angeles-based artist Ruben Ochoa works with materialsLarry Poons is a widely acclaimed artist recognized fordrawn from the urban landscape. The artist is currentlyhis expressive, abstract explorations of form and color.included in MCASD's online exhibition, To Tame a Wild Tongue: Art after Chicanismo.69TERRY POWERSHope Labor #1, 2019oil on linen66RUBN ORTIZ TORRES 15 x 18 in.Glitter Attack, 2020 Courtesy of the artist and Guerrero Galleryurethane, silver leaf, candy paint, and metal flake on$1,500$2,500aluminum panel San Francisco-based artist Terry Powers represents daily 24 x 24 in. life in his observational paintings, that reference culture, Courtesy of the artist and Royale Projects politics, and philosophy.$9,000$10,000Rubn Ortiz Torres explores social and aesthetic changes70MARCOS RAMREZ ERRErelated to cross-cultural exchange and globalization.The artist recently had a survey exhibition at MUAC inHistory Has Disappeared, 2017Mexico City in 2019. automotive paint and industrial texture over aluminum72 x 54 in.Courtesy of the artist$13,000$15,000Internationally renowned Tijuana-based artist Marcos Ramrez ERRE uses a variety of media to questionour society. ERRE is currently included in MCASD'sonline exhibition, To Tame a Wild Tongue: Art after 30 31 Chicanismo."