b'LOT # LOT #49LUISA LAMBRI 53NANCY LUPOUntitled (Barcelona Pavilion, #06), 2000 Replacement, 2019laserchrome print, ed. 2/5 + 1 AP aluminum15 / 8x 12 / 4in. 45 x 2 x 1 / 2in.3 1 1Courtesy of the artist and Thomas Dane Gallery Courtesy of the artist and Kristina Kite Gallery$5,000$7,000 $2,000$3,000Italian artist Luisa Lambri is renowned for her photographsNancy Lupo transforms everyday objects through the of modernist architectural spaces such as Ludwig Mies repetition of unusual forms and changes in scale and van Der Rohe and Lily Reiches Barcelona Pavilion (1929).material. As the title suggests, Replacement, serves asHer abstracted images emphasize the experience of lighta stand in or double of certain components found in her and space over identifiable architectural elements. work, in particular the benches featured in her recentsolo exhibition at MCASD.50JOHN OLIVER LEWISGolden Press, 2020 54CHRISTIANE LYONSporcelain and acrylic Jay: Arrangement in Brilliant Rose and Paynes Grey, 201812 x 11 x 5 in. oil on polyesterCourtesy of the artist 30 x 24 in.$2,500$3,500 Courtesy of the artist and Meliksetian BriggsSan Diego artist John Oliver Lewiss playful forms $4,000$5,000are painted with gradients of pastel acrylic rather thanA former student of John Baldessari, Christiane Lyonstraditional glazes.uses appropriated imagery in her vibrant paintings.51JUDITH LINHARES 55DONALD MARTINYRed Afghan, 2009 Bikol Mini, 2019gouache on paper polymer and dispersed pigment on aluminum18 x 25 / 2 in. 25 x 19 in.1Courtesy of the artist and Various Small Fires, Courtesy of the artist and Madison GalleryLos Angeles / Seoul $9,000$10,000$5,000$6,000 Donald Martiny emphasizes the power of gesture in hisJudith Linhares is part of a generation of importantuse of massive brushstrokes. The artist was commissioned figurative painters who came to prominence in the 1970sfor an installation at One World Trade Center in New York and 80s. She often reinterprets art historical subjects City in 2015.from her own feminist position.56JESSICA MCCAMBLY52JENNIFER LUCE Self Soother 6, 2020STORM 1985, 2012 acrylic, ink, mica powder and 24 karat gold leaf on canvasblackened steel base and frosted acrylic layers 18 x 18 in.18 x 42 x 72 in. Courtesy of the artistCourtesy of Luce Limited $2,500$3,500$4,000$5,000 With a minimalist sensibility, Jessica McCambly creates Architect and designer Jennifer Luce is acclaimed for herintimate works with innovative materials.elegant, minimalist approach to industrial materials.26 27'