b"LOT # LOT #35STEVE GIBSON 39 BECKY GUTTINLeaving Chicago, 2019 Residue of Motion, 2018gouache and ink on paper mixed media30 x 22 in. 45 x 15 x 15 in.Courtesy of the artist Courtesy of the artist$2,000$3,000 $2,500$3,500In his colorful abstract paintings, Steve Gibson drawsBecky Guttin's sculptures emerge through an experimen-on both historical and contemporary visual referencestation with materials including fiber glass, epoxy resin, reframing them in a personal manner. fabrics, and paint.36ELEANOR GREERSan Diego River Landscape 2, 2019oil and acrylic on cut paper 40ANNE HAMILTON32 x 40 in. visite vi, 2009Courtesy of the artist lithographic Chine coll on screenprint,$500$1,000 with collaged fabric, SP 5Eleanor Greer is a San Diego-based artist whose 55 x 29 / 2in.1painted landscapes reflect the artists observations Courtesy of Gemini G.E.L.of everyday spaces. $3,000$4,000In her visite series, renowned artist Anne Hamilton juxta-37MAGALIE GURIN poses swaths of colored fabric with images, reproducing Untitled, 2017 19th century albumen prints that were re-photographed oil on canvas on panel by Hamilton through her distinctive use of miniature 30 x 24 in. surveillance cameras.Courtesy of the artist and Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago$6,500$7,500Focusing on the formal relationship between figure 41GRACE HARTIGANand ground, Magalie Gurins abstract paintings exploreProof for Untitled, from Folder, Vol. I, No. Iillusionistic depth through form and color. Published by Tiber Press, New York, 1953screenprint, edition of 50038RAL GUERRERO 8/ 16x 11 / 16in.11 5The Whaling Bar: La Jolla, 2013 Courtesy of Carole Laventholoil on linen $2,000$3,00014 x 18 in. Grace Hartigan was a prominent second-generationCourtesy of the artist Abstract Expressionist whose work in painting and $12,000$14,000 printmaking is often considered a precursor toRal Guerrero inserts cultural signifiers throughout hisPop art.paintings, asserting the specificity of time and place. Guerrero is currently included in MCASD's online exhibition, To Tame a Wild Tongue: Art after Chicanismo.22 23"