b'LOT # LOT #27NIKI DE SAINT PHALLE 31WILLIAM FEENEYCalifornian Diary, 199394 Untitled (Conjoined Ships), 2013set of 8 serigraphs in folio, ed. 39/100 wood, MDF, and glue+25 artist proofs +HC 48 x 22 x 23 in.31 / 2x 47 / 4in. Courtesy of the artist1 1Courtesy of Niki Charitable Art Foundation $1,000$2,000$30,000$40,000 William Feeney turns assembly techniques and themes The iconic French American artist Niki de Saint Phalleassociated with the building trades towards humorous(19302002) made her home in La Jolla during the lastand conceptual ends. decade of her life. Californian Diary chronicles her first year in California through exuberant imagery and intimate,32SPENCER FINCHphilosophical narratives. Falling Linden Leaf, 2019woodblock print on Japanese paper28THOMAS DEMELLO in custom enclosure, ed. 27/33Untitled, 2019 4 x 4 in. (folded); dimensions variable (unfolded)colored pencil on bristol Courtesy of the artist and Lisson Gallery12 x 6 / 2in., each of two $1,000$2,0001Courtesy of the artist In his poetic installations, Spencer Finch represents $500$1,000 his perception of natural phenomena. In 2011, MCASD San Diego-based Thomas DeMellos process-based drawingscommissioned the artist to create a light-filled installation are inspired by the markings made by cars scraping againstfor the Axline Court in La Jolla.roadside barriers.33PAULA FLORES29TOM DRISCOLLGrass Level, 2018Overhand Blue, 2017mixed media, acrylic paint, paper, and marker on wood panelacrylic on foam 36 x 48 in.9 x 12 x 8 in. Courtesy of the artistCourtesy of the artist $3,000$4,000$500$1,000 Paula Flores uses bright colors and decorative patternsSan Diego-based artist Tom Driscolls brightly coloredto depict the indigenous flora and fauna of the San Diego/sculptures playfully transform discarded materials. Tijuana region, emphasizing human connections tothe landscape.30SARAH DWYERCast On Cast Off, 2019 34VICTORIA FU AND MATT RICHcharcoal, pastel, and oil on linen Burlap, 201751 / 2x 40 in. inkjet print and acrylic paint1Courtesy of the artist and Jane Lombard Gallery, New York 35/ 16x 26/ 16in.15 15$12,000$14,000 Courtesy of the artistsDrawing on traditions of Modernist painting, Sarah Dwyer$4,000$5,000combines skillful drawing and saturated color in herThrough their collaborations, video artist Victoria Fu and distinctive visual language. painter Matt Rich layer their practices to create images20 21 that are both painterly and photographic.'