b'LOT # LOT #19CRAIG CALDERWOOD 23JAMES CROSBYA Developed Fear of Omnipotence, 2019 Dutch Waxed, 2017pen on watercolor papercanvas, Dutch wax cloth, polycarbonate welding lenses,11 x 14 in. and upholstery foamCourtesy of the artist and Guerrero Gallery 53 x 16 x 16 in.$1,000$2,000 Courtesy of the artist and team (gallery, inc.)Using symbolic forms and intricate patterns, $10,000$12,000Craig Calderwood addresses daily life and intimacy In an ongoing series, James Crosby transforms an early in queer and trans communities. safety hood that was developed by African American inventor Garret Morgan. Crosby often quotes from or 20CARLOS CASTRO ARIAS references important black figures, and here his use of Dutch wax cloth recalls the sculpture of Yinka Shonibare.The Creation of the Unicorn, 2019woven tapestry50 x 70 in. 24STEPHEN P. CURRYCourtesy of the artist Fold, 2016$4,000$5,000 oil on linen Through sculpture and painting, Carlos Castro Arias layers16 x 12 in. the violent legacies of political and religious imperialism intoCourtesy of R.B. Stevenson Gallery, La Jolla, CAimages that blend pop culture with art history. $1,000$2,000Dedicated to abstraction, San Diego painter Stephen P. Currys works emphasize color, line, and form in his layered composition of overlapping geometric shapes.21MILANO CHOWNight Scene with 6 Windows, 2020 25EINAR AND JAMEX DE LA TORREgraphite, ink, vinyl paint, and photo transfer on paper12 x 9 in. Lush, 2017Courtesy of the artist and Chapter NY, New York blown glass$3,000$4,000 bottle: 29 x 10 x 10 in., base: 2 x 11 in. (diameter)Courtesy of the artistsMilano Chows exquisite drawings of detailed architectural$8,000$9,000spaces explore themes of intimacy and exclusion. Chow was recently included in the 2019 Whitney Biennial.Collaborating brothers Einar and Jamex de la Torreare known for their humorous work and experimental approach to blown glass.22LIVIA CORONA BENJAMINInfinite Rewrite XXXIII.II, 2020 26MARA DE LUCAhand-printed photogram resized as archival pigment print on cotton rag, unique print Night Scroll, 201850 x 40 in. mixed media on cut canvasCourtesy of the artist and ProxyCo Gallery 24 x 18 in.$10,000$12,000 Courtesy of the artist and Quint Gallery$6,000$7,000In her Infinite Rewrite series, Ensenada and New York-based photographer Livia Corona Benjamin, focuses on grain silosInspired by the light of the Los Angeles landscape,built between 1965 and 1995 throughout rural Mexico, whichMara De Luca cuts and layers canvases to emphasize18 have been repurposed as schools, churches, and houses. 19 a tension between material and illusion.'