b'LOT # LOT #11TERRY ALLEN 15FRANK BENSONDream (Billingsgate), 1982 Extrusion I (single ribbon), 2011mixed media on paper ceramic, MDF23 / 2x 17 / 8in. 36 x 18 x 18 in.1 7Courtesy of the artist and LA Louver Courtesy of the artist and Andrew Kreps Gallery$18,000$20,000 $5,000$6,000Terry Allen is widely recognized for his experimentalThrough his innovative use of digital technology,practice combining drawing, installation, and music,Frank Benson investigates movement and fluidity,producing surprising narratives drawn from his personalproducing ribbon-like abstractions out of clay.experiences and dreams.16TRUDY BENSON12SIOBHAN ARNOLD The Moon, 2018Reaching Branches, 2016 acrylic and oil on canvascyanotype from hand drawn paper negative 20 x 16 in.36 x 26 in. Courtesy of the artist and Lyles & King, New YorkCourtesy of the artist $5,000$6,000$1,000$2,000 Trudy Benson is best known for her colorful compositions The work of San Diego-based artist Siobhan Arnold exploreswith richly textured surfaces, often playfully referencing history, folklore, and myth. Arnold was one of three artists1980s graphic design software such as Microsoft Paint.who led participatory workshops at MCASD in summer 2019.13MELY BARRAGN 17LINDA BESEMERABSTRACT MEMBRANE, 2020 Redfail, 2019plastic, vinyl, thread, and textile on black-painted acrylic on canvas panelstructural stretcher 15 x 18 in.55 x 61 in. Courtesy of the artist and Vielmetter Los AngelesCourtesy of the artist $18,000$20,000$8,000$9,000Linda Besemers glitch paintings feature compositions Often using found images and fabrics, Mely Barragns largecreated through digital manipulation. Despite their emphasis collage works combine materials from daily life and popularon technology, the paintings are insistently handmade.culture to draw out their cultural connotations.14ADAM BELT 18SANDOW BIRKThe Bombardment of the Getty Center, 2000Peekaboo Spring, 2019 etching, ed. 35/50industrial foam, oil paint, and glass microbeads 121 / 2x 42 in. 34 x 24 in. Courtesy of the artist and Catherine Clark Gallery,Courtesy of the artist San Francisco$3,000$4,000 $1,000$2,000Adam Belts multi-media works deploy industrial materialsAmerican printmaker Sandow Birk depicts a fictional war to produce an evocative and illusionistic depiction of thebetween Los Angeles and San Francisco as a commentarynatural world. on contemporary life and Californias history.16 17'