fbpx Board of Trustees | Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Trustees have a fiduciary and policy-setting responsibility for the welfare of the Museum; MCASD's Board is extraordinarily generous, supporting ongoing operations as well as special needs such as the 21st Century Campaign and art acquisition. Nomination is by committee; Trustees are elected for three-year terms, with a maximum of two terms before a mandatory one-year rotation off the board. The maximum number of Trustees is 40. The Board of Trustees meet six times a year; other board committees meet at regular intervals throughout the year.

Board of Trustees
Barbara Arledge
Viveca Bissonnette
Barbara Bloom
Christopher Calkins
Dr. Marsha Chandler
Dr. Charles Cochrane
Isabel Coppel
Carolyn Farris
Karen Fox
Marcia Hazan
Ryan Herrell
Margaret Jackson
Dr. Paul E. Jacobs
Gail Knox
Jennifer Levitt
Dr. Fenner Milton
Garna Muller
Jennifer Nelson
Maryanne Pfister
Elizabeth Phelps
Colette Carson Royston
Nora Sargent
Dagmar Smek

Dr. Richard Atkinson+
David C. Copley*
Danah Fayman*
Pauline Foster*
Richard D. Marshall*

+ Honorary Trustee
*In Memoriam