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MCASD Tour Request Procedures

All MCASD Tour Experiences must be booked in advance by submitting a completed MCASD Tour Request Form (scroll down). Tours are not guaranteed until confirmed by the Education Department. Confirmations are sent via email.

MCASD Transit Scholarship

MCASD provides limited, needs-based Transit Scholarships of up-to $200 for Title 1 San Diego Unified and San Diego County public and charter schools that visit MCASD for a Look/Explore Tour or ArtLab Workshop. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and are good towards one bus or trolley costs. Schools must complete a MCASD Transit Scholarship application within one week of submitting a tour request form to be considered. MCASD highly advises any school seeking travel reimbursement to book a tour a minimum of one-month in advance.

MCASD Transit Scholarships are made possible, in part, thanks to a generous gift from Monica and Charles Cochrane, in honor of Monica’s brother, Michael.

MCASD Transit Scholarship Application

Book an MCASD Tour Experience

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Earliest tour slot available starts at 11 am.
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MCASD Transit Scholarship
Tour Invoice
*This section should only be completed if there is a fee associated with the requested experience. By providing my name and an address where the MCASD Tour Invoice should be sent, I understand that I am responsible for the cost of any requested tour experience. I also understand that any applicable fee must be paid in full a minimum of one week prior to the tour experience.
Please include Museum admission in my invoice. I understand that the Education Department will contact me to discuss this option.
I prefer for my group members to pay Museum admission when they arrive.
Invoice Contact and Address
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If you selected a Look/Explore tour, ArtLab workshop, or Focus tour, please use the space above to share your expectations for the tour and any information that you believe will help your Gallery Educator meet these expectations. If you selected a Self-Guided tour, please use the space below to share anything that our Visitor and Security Services Staff need to know (for example, if you plan to lecture or lead a sketching activity in the galleries) Please also feel free to share any additional needs you may have.
Please Note
Tours are not guaranteed until confirmed by e-mail by the Education Department