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Denise Necoechea on Frobel's Blocks

Denise Necoechea, Ph.D., Professor of Education

Vivi Bonomie on Drops 1

Viviana Bonomie,  Student of Emerson College 

Seascapes and Beaches, c.2004-08

The ocean serves as a constant source of inspiration for Valadez as he finds the waters both cleansing and terrifying.

Including Low Tide, Bait, and Sea Monsters and Freight


"Cigany Himnusz", Rostas Szabina

Downtown Panoramas, c.2004

Valadez, also a renowned muralist, demonstrates his talent for panoramic views of urban settings.

Including Holidays and Leed's Shoes


“Thembi,” Pharoah Sanders

Los Angeles Car Show Scenes, c.1999-2006

In order to break from time spent in studios, Valadez attended Los Angeles Car Shows and was immediately inspired by the dynamics and culture of the shows.

Including Dulces, Gingerbread and Chevy Twins


“Orange Skies,” Love

Story Telling Through Urban Scenes, c. 1989-1998

Valadez returns to the allegory of his earlier narratives, but continues to show influence from European works.

Including Picnic, Pelota, and Pocho Crudo


“This Population,” Burning Spear 

European Influences, c. 1987-89

During a European residency spent in France, Valadez sought inspiration from the masters of the Renaissance.

Including Battle of Cultures and Fall of Babel


“God’s Lonely Man,” Bernard Herrmann


Allegorical Pastel Compositions. c. 1985-87

In these large pastel compositions, Valadez introduces allegory and irony into his narratives.

Including Beto’s Vacation, Savages and Glitter, and Gaviota


“Nalingaka Yo Yo Te,” Franco


Large Pastel Portraits, c. 1983-85

Using characters from his early photograph, Valadez created pastel portraits featuring the ignored beauty found in urban life.

Including Fatima, Preacher, and Getting Them Out of the Car


“Annah,” Papa Wemba



Early Newsprints Drawings, c. 1974-79

Inspired by the visual design and context of Mexican tabloids and newspapers, Valadez recreated layouts with stories he witnessed in his community.

Including Loans, Seeing is a Blessing andBeatificado


“The Beat Generation,” Jack Kerouac over music

Street Photography (Color), c. 1978

Valadez’s photography matured as he continued to find beauty within the people on the streets and as he transitioned from black and white to color.

Including Two Guys, Casper, andBus Stop


“Mhondoro,” Thomas Mapfumo

Early Street Photography (Black and White), c. 1970-75

John Valadez found inspiration from people he encountered on the streets of East Lost Angeles during the beginnings of his photography career.

Including Abierto, Mariachi y Orquesta, andOctavio L


“Mhondoro,” Thomas Mapfumo

The Artist’s Sketchbook: Book of the Year c. 1971-1980

The Book of the Year is John Valadez’s personal journal used as a sketchbook to document the perspective of a self-proclaimed anxious Chicano young militant.


“Mhondoro,” Thomas Mapfumo

The Artist’s Sketchbook: Book of the Year c. 1971-1980


The Book of the Year is John Valadez’s personal journal used as a sketchbook to document the perspective of a self proclaimed anxious Chicano young militant. 


“Mhondoro,” Thomas Mapfumo


Interview with Mary Beebe, Director of The Stuart Collection at UCSD

Mary Beebe has known Baldessari since the early 1970s. In this interview she discusses how she encouraged Baldessari to create a work that later became part of the Stuart Collection at the UCSD.

Interview with Hugh M Davies, MCASD David C. Copley Director

Hear MCASD’s David C. Copley Director and CEO Hugh Davies discuss John Baldessari’s early career in teaching and making art in National City.

Interview with Robert Matheny, Former Director of Southwestern College Art Gallery

Robert Matheny looks back on Baldessari’s days as a teacher at Southwestern College

James Turrell

Commentary from Robin Clark, Curator

Eric Orr

Commentary from Hal Glicksman, Project Advisor

Bruce Nauman

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John McCracken

Archival Interview with Artist

Craig Kauffman

Archival Artist Commentary

Robert Irwin

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Mary Corse

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Ron Cooper

Artist Commentary

Larry Bell

Artist Commentary

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